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      Gothic Fashion: Beautiful Creatures of the Night

      Gothic clothing is dramatic, daring, and beautifully designed to highlight the adventurousness of your alternative fashion style! Encompassing a wide range of Goth subcultures such as Vampire, Victorian, Romantic Goth, Lolita, Traditional Goth, Nu Goth, Pastel Goth, and more, Gothic fashion is a way to represent everything about yourself that is dark, mysterious, and unique! From everyday wear to annual costume events celebrating everything darkness, Our range is more than just a way of dressing, it is a way of life that is both easy to embrace and ever-evolving! From accessories and simple pieces that are small ways to inject our style into your day to heavily detailed outfits that demand attention, we have you covered!

      What is Gothic?

      Gothic style can mean so many things, but ultimately is the expansion and exploration of a subculture that gained popularity in the 1980s in England. Developed around Goth-Rock music, this genre had strong ties to Punk Rock that continue to this day. With a macabre and intense attitude, the Gothic lifestyle embraces the beauty of darkness and all that it entails. Heavily drawing on the Edwardian, Victorian, and Belle Epoque fashions, the development of the subculture was shaped by bands such as the Cure, Siouxsie, the Banshees, Joy Division, and Bauhaus. From the original creation of the Goth style to modern interpretations, there are many new branches of the culture that can be explored! Whether you fancy yourself a Victorian, a Lolita, a romantic, or a hippy goth, you will always be able to find your own place within the Gothic scene and be dressed for the part!

      What kind of Gothic Cothing do you sell?

      At Otherworld Fashion, we sell a wide range of products that make displaying your love of all things Goth easy! From dramatic Gothic men’s clothing in rich velvet to flowing sexy women’s tops, there is something to suit everyone! With a men’s, women’s, and unisex range of Military style shirts, black pants, flowing Morticia Addams’ skirts, Gothic dresses, Victorian jackets, and women’s vampire capes readily available, as well as a wide range of accessories including beautiful hats, Gothic jewelry, scary masks and more at your fingertips, your Gothic collection will be the envy of everyone you know! Are your Gothic clothes good quality? We are authorized sellers of the world’s most well-known gothic clothing and footwear brands, such as Spiral Direct, RQ-BL, Punk Rave, Devil Fashion, Demonia, and Funtasma! With each individual brand guaranteeing the excellence of each item, you will receive the highest quality Gothic clothing products in every order! With items made from thick fabric with strong, durable stitching, these vegan Gothic clothing, accessories, and shoe items have been designed by passionate artists to cater to every Goth-style need!

      How fast is shipping of your products to Australia?

      All the products available in our store are in stock and ready for immediate same or next-business-day shipping! For any urgent Gothic fashion orders, Express shipping is available to ensure the fastest delivery times for your items. For easy payment, we accept Paypal, Afterpay, Zip Pay, and Credit Card transactions so that ordering and receiving your new Gothic clothing is a simple click away!

      Do you offer shipping of Gothic Clothing items to USA and other countries?

      Shipment of our Gothic clothing products is available not only in America, but also in Europe, Asia, and many more locations! Shipping time for United States-based orders is typically 2 weeks, but if you would prefer to receive your items sooner, express shipping is available for international orders with a delivery estimate of 5-7 days. Europe deliveries have a standard shipping estimate of 2-3 weeks, while express shipping is available and expected to be 7-10 days. Each product is shipped either the same or the next business day with a tracking number, so you can follow the progress of your delivery closely.