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Welcome to our fashion boutique!

The idea for Otherworld Fashion was created when owners Matt and Vickie were looking around Sydney for clothing to wear to a Gothic themed party. While Vicky had luck finding gorgeous women's clothing, Matt struggled to source a men's Gothic outfit as easily. Realising that there was a gap in the alternative fashion market to be filled, Otherworld Fashion was born! Since 2015, the store has grown to include a huge range of alternative fashion clothing and accessories to ensure everyone can find the perfect items for all occasions.

We are passionate people who love out-of-the-ordinary alternative clothing designs. We are enamored with Steampunk signature gears and machinery and Gothic outfits.

OtherWorld Fashion team

We source our creations from high quality brands and bring them to our Australian-based HQ, near the beautiful beaches of Queensland. We deliver all over the world to bring our unique designs to those who want something different and special to wear - whether it’s dressing for a big night out, or your every day personal style.

Although fashion is our passion, we also love our customers and want your experience working with us to be a happy one. We offer super fast shipping, an easy-to-navigate website, and high quality clothing that we sell at reasonable prices.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy shopping,


OtherWorld Fashion

OtherWorld Fashion Team



Victoria, AKA Vixen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Victoria loves fashion and creating a world of visual delight for you in every description, blog, and introductory sentence. In addition to writing, she makes business deals, organizes events, and works very closely with our COO to source the best products at the best prices for OWF customers. She also pilfers outfits out of every order and would get into a lot more trouble if she weren’t constantly under the surveillance of the Director of Security, Ms. Growler.



Utku, AKA Matt

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Known as the King of Alternative Fashion, Utku started this company because he couldn’t find anything to wear! We saw there was an urgent need for stylish alternative menswear, as black t-shirts bore us to tears. Utku is the heart and soul of OtherWorld Fashion, designing and updating the OWF website, doing the SEO, managing the shipping and customers, and well, just about everything. Except for security and ethics. Our directors have that covered.



Ms. Tallulah Growler

Director of Security

Ms. Growler, also affectionately known as “The Fun Police” has a long history of using strong paws-on tactics to ensure things don’t get out of control. Her priority is ensuring the safety of our staff and products and does so by guarding the OWF HQ using her potent self-defense mechanisms that render her victims (including us) weak and helpless. Ms. Growler also keeps us productive by sniffing out mischief and using her sight hound skills to see that we are all working hard and behaving.



Bony, AKA Mr. B

Director of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Mr B.’s narrow escape from an unethical industry has given him the drive and passion to ensure that all of OtherWorld Fashion’s dealings are ethical and fair, and that we run our business responsibly, and use our powers for good. Mr B. inspires us to do what is good for our customers, the environment, and ourselves. He is a tall guy with a laid back style and a good nature that is benefited by gentle ear rubs and frequent naps.