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      Steampunk Fashion: A Beautiful Fantasy

      Steampunk clothing is more than just a costume, it is representative of a whole culture loved by millions of people around the world! From fashion and personal style to home-ware, film & television, and even music, Steampunk is a fully-fledged subculture that continues to grow and evolve with every passing year! From conventions and performances to cosplay opportunities, there are now more chances than ever to explore amazing and broad Steampunk fashion community! Whether you fully immerse yourself into a Steampunk lifestyle or just like to dabble in the fun and gorgeous modern Steampunk fashion style, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

      What is Steampunk?

      It is a term that originally came from science fiction novels of the 1980s, most notably involving a 19th-century steam-powered take on more modern machinery and technology. The Steampunk clothing signature look is typically a fusion of Victorian-style fashion with a myriad of quirky accessories featuring gears, goggles, and gadgets often melding newer technologies with older aesthetics and mechanics. From gloves covered in gears and chains to petticoats and frilly skirts fitted with holsters, there is no limitation to the creativity of the Steampunk style!

      Why buy Steampunk Clothing from Otherworld Fashion?

      At OtherWorld Fashion, we are big lovers of Steampunk fashion and are excited to find the best items for you we can! We are proud to embrace the diversity and design of the Victorian-industrial look with our own range of Steampunk clothing, top hats, corsets, skirts, lace, chains, and unique Steampunk accessories. We are always sourcing new and exciting pieces to provide you with the science-fiction fantasy wear that takes you to your fashion future! Elevate your alternative look with OtherWorld Fashion steampunk costumes! 

      Do you have many Steampunk Accessories?

      With Steampunk belts, Steampunk bags, and even Steampunk goggles available, adding new items to your collection of Steampunk accessories has never been easier! With unique items in our Steampunk clothing and accessories lines, you’ll be able to find items exclusively offered here that you won’t source in any other Australian store! Whether our Cyber-Goth Scorpion mask, Steampunk Skull hat, or the Haunted Shrug catches your eye, your next Steampunk fashion cosplay or everyday outfit can have the most amazing details around!

      Are your Steampunk clothes good quality?

      We work with the world’s most famous alternative fashion brands such as Punk Rave, Devil Fashion, RQ-BL, Spiral Direct, Demonia, and Funtasma to bring you the latest and greatest in Steampunk fashion! With each brand demonstrating a strong focus on the excellence of each piece, you can be guaranteed to receive the highest quality product in your order! From thick fabric, strong stitching, and sturdy vegan leather, these clothing and accessory items are made by passionate creatives with your Steampunk fashion needs in mind!

      How fast is your Steampunk Costume shipping to Australia?

      All Steampunk clothing products available in the store are in stock and ready for immediate same or next business day shipping! For urgent Steampunk fashion orders, Express shipping is also available at the checkout so you can receive your items as soon as possible. We happily accept both Paypal and Credit Card transactions and offer Afterpay and Zip Pay at the checkout to make ordering and receiving your Steampunk clothing simple!

      Do you offer shipping to USA and other countries?

      We offer shipping of our Steampunk fashion items to not only America, but also Europe, Asia, and many more locations! Shipping time for our United States customers is usually 2 weeks, but if you would prefer to choose express shipping the general delivery estimate is 5-7 days. For Europe deliveries, general shipping takes 2-3 weeks while express is expected to be 7-10 days. Each steampunk costume is shipped either the same or next business day, and with a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your delivery closely.

      Live your dreams with this sleek and stylish Steampunk costume!