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Celebrate Your Gothic Christmas with Unique Gothic Dresses

Happy Gothmas!

gothic dresses

Tis the season to be dark and unconventional. Gothmas is like Christmas, only without the kitsch; it is a time for overindulgence, exuberance, and lavish affairs requiring luxurious apparel. Are you looking for opulence or a summer fling? (Or possibly, both!)

OtherWorld Fashion has you covered, no matter what the style of celebration you are attending. Let's have a look OtherWorld Fashion Gothic dress collection!

Elegance and Opulence

Gothic Red Ball Gown

If you are looking for the ultimate in long, vintage dresses that remind you of Gone with the Wind or Bram Stocker’s Dracula, then the Victorian Red Gothic Off-Shoulder Ball Gown is calling you forth. Your Vampire Goth will be awakened with the caresses of the blood red floor length fabric detailed in black lace and black pearl buttons with a corset style tie in the back that lovingly binds your frame. This dress is a dramatic fashion statement!

Medieval Royalty

Medieval Gothic dress

Enter the room in dark sophistication. All heads turn to see you glide through the door wearing this midnight black full-length dress adorned with roses and lace. Beware the thorns that may lie within. Witch Queen of the Endless Night Long Dress will make you the Belle of the Ball, or perhaps even the Princess of the pentagram.

Smouldering Hot Goth

vampire gothic dress

What is revealed beneath your gothic couture? Form fitting full length Queen of the Night dress seductively reveals your legs in thigh-high black panels of luxurious black fabric. The wide bell cuffed sleeves accentuate your every gesture. Sheer lace reveals your décolletage beneath. You will hear gasps and feel the adoration as you float past envious onlookers. Every man will want you; every woman will want to be you, the Queen of the Night.

Salem Goddess

witch dress

Shrouded in full length black splendor from the hood to the toe, this cape-style Mysterious Witch dress is as befitting in front of a Ouija board or for secret meetings with your coven. Corset-style tie in the back, full zip front, the low-cut neck is flattering, and the sleeves are full at the top and fitted from the elbow. Who is the mysterious witch under the hood? Could it be you?

Shredded Beauty

Gothic Gothic Dress

This dress is a work of art, tattered and torn, a statement of the chaos and undefined style of the Amazon Goddess. A transparent veil of gothic anarchy and defiance. The open leg panels and see-through style of this full-length dress conceals nothing but your wrist under the bell sleeves. This unique style of dark wave and shredded threads reveals your individuality and daring.

Gothic Summer

plus size gothic dress

If you are so Goth you wear sunglasses to open the refrigerator, you will want to stay in Goth mode even in the hotter months. To stay black and cool, Punk Rave now has a flirty, shorter style of gothic dress now available in plus size. The flowy, asymmetrical hemline and baroque pattern detailing is classic gothic, while the knee-length shorter style is more practical for picnics and warmer days. The Romantic Gothic Summer Dress is a summer staple if you want to have your goth and stay cool, too.

Pin-up Goth

gothabilly dress

If you love pin-up style but want to remain true to your purple gothic nature, the Purple Passion Dress is sexy and flattering. The black rose, star, and anchor pattern on the dark purple cotton dress with black netting underneath whispers gothic while the sweetheart necklace and cap sleeves hints at pin-up calendar model. This dress would also fit nicely in a retro or swing dance setting.

For transforming your Christmas to a special Gothmas, follow the star in the North to OtherWorld Fashion where we have a dress for your every type of Gothic style.


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