Gothic wedding

How to Create the Ultimate Goth Wedding

Gothic wedding

If you’re a goth who loves to express yourself at every opportunity, or you just love the romantic and dramatic atmosphere that a gothic wedding can offer, you’ll be glad to hear that achieving this increasingly popular theme for your special day is as simple as confidently nailing down a few special details! With a little bit of creativity, dedication and ingenuity, a goth wedding can be pulled together from the simplest details to complete the major focal points of your day!

To start, it is important to understand what YOUR goth aesthetic is… Pure black? Burgundy, Emerald, Crimson or Navy highlights? Coffins and skulls? Floral? Or a mix of them all? Whatever you choose, the theme should be a reflection of who you and your beloved are, and your shared and individual passions! Once you have considered and nailed down your goth style and inspiration, the details of your wedding can start pulling together in the greatest of ways!





Depending on your theme, the venue of your wedding can be as dramatic or simplistic as you desire! If you want a touch of the goth that your guests can truly feel immersed into, you can’t go wrong with a traditional church! Generally pretty gothic by nature, an old church can be dressed up with candles, lanterns, black draping fabric and other details to create the atmosphere you desire. A massively cool reason for setting your ceremony in an old church is that there is usually an equally cool cemetery nearby that is the perfect backdrop for some stunning goth wedding portraits.

If a church wedding isn’t your style, never fear! Beautiful goth weddings have been achieved before in a variety of places other than churches, such as gardens or event halls, with a strong focus on the decorative aspects allowing you more control over the overall image of your day! By holding your ceremony and reception in the same place and utilising a decorative arch, candles galore, a mass of lanterns littering your aisle and reception area and a strong colour scheme, you lose none of the dramatics and gain all of your uniqueness! One again though, if you are able to find a cemetery, or even a beautiful garden nearby for photo opportunities, you can have the dramatic and striking aesthetic that you desire with minimal fuss!





The fashion of a goth wedding is arguably the most memorable and attention-grabbing part! Aside from the general dresses and suits that match your particular style and wedding aesthetic, the smaller details are again the difference between simple and stunning!

For the bridal party, the choice of dresses and suits is a personal one; whether to go for a fully goth-inspired look or choose a typical wedding style and add goth accessories, your wedding style is the perfect chance to display your passions and individuality! Black dresses and three-piece suits are a popular choice, as is a romantic bridal gown with black, red or burgundy details in the bouquet, hairpiece or shoes. How you choose to honour your goth side in your wedding attire is a personal choice, and one you can rarely go wrong with! If you choose to have a particular colour scheme for your wedding, the fashion of the bridal party (and even the guests, if you are so inclined) is the perfect way to continue the theme. When it comes to the accompanying details, this is where you can have a lot of fun! Think skull themed pins, hairpieces, cufflinks, tie pins, bouquet ribbon, and fabric prints! Subtle, but very effective in creating not only a theme, but an experience! Even your shoes can be a chance to express your love of goth, with a statement shoe grabbing attention and being an impressive talking point!

If you are wanting to take the fashion of your wedding to a new level, there is no reason you cant suggest your guests follow a goth dress code! While some of your guests may be a tad more reserved than others, an easy to follow code such as everyone wearing black (or even white for amazing contrast) is an easy way to allow your guests to get creative within their own comfort levels and means while still giving your wedding the look you want!





As its been mentioned before, the seemingly minor details of your day are always what makes the biggest impact! From patterned ties and goth shoes to coloured candles and alternative fabrics, the simplest details in everyday items are a sure way to inject a hit of goth into your look. Here are some examples of how to turn even the most traditional of wedding accents into a vision of goth extravagance!

Starting from the beginning of the wedding process, the invitations are the first chance you get to explore your goth theme! With ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ being a popular banner, your invitations can be the first hint to your guests of what to expect on your special day. Unique invitations are always impressive, so why not look into something different and special such as using fabric or glass instead of paper to print on and explore font and embellishment types?




When it comes to the actual day, the flowers are always a major part of the visual elegance. While many people go for a white, pastel or subtle floral theme, with a goth wedding you have the ability to go so much more vibrant! Black flowers are a popular choice, but crimson and burgundy are also colours gaining in popularity that make for an impressive display, from your bouquet to the table pieces and general decorations. With your flowers chosen, your table pieces and general decorations can also be decided. Consider tapered candles, draped dark cloth, and lanterns as a way to create a romantic ambience. Black or dark table cloths, metallic candle holders, patterned china, and specialty glasses such as skull shaped tumblers are another way to continue the theme.




While your guests are enjoying the decorations, their food and drink is another special way to add some unique flair! There’s no reason why you can’t keep your gothic theme going with every aspect of your day! Why not take the chance to let your creative juices flow, and design some personalised goth cocktails, utilise squid ink or similar in your menu, or explore alternative cake designs? There is no such thing as too much goth, too much creativity, or too much fun when it comes to creating your ultimate goth wedding day!

What type of goth wedding would you like to have? Let us know your goth wedding ideas in the comments below!

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