Dear OtherWorld Fashionistas;

It was back in 1828 when the term “corset” came into general use in English to describe a garment worn to form the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic purposes (read: small waist). The original term came from an Old French word “corps”.

OK, there is your history lesson for today! You can now go to a play party and show off your knowledge along with your tiny waist!

So, today, we have many modern variations on our 19th century ancestor, as you can see from the OtherWorld Fashion corset collection: Sexy Corsets such as the Arrested corset decorated with adorable handcuffs chained across your waist and the Trinity corset and jacket set (do you see a handcuff theme here?) that could easily be worn to any event requiring Gothic style clothing as well as those any fashion events.


Steampunk corsets are very popular and Alyson Chains is a sexy, flattering, sturdy design that holds you in and gives you that shape you desire – and it’s currently on sale! Get it quick! So, moving through the timeline of corsets, we now head to the future! What is coming up?



We have a new order of gorgeous RQ-BL and Punk Rave products arriving this week! We have more of our popular shrugs, gloves, skirts and men’s clothing on their way, and of special note (since this is a blog about corsets) is a gorgeous underbust Steampunk corset adorned with buckles, zippers and rivets! We are calling this fabulous piece Mythical because it is the clothing of the magical warrior princesses who befriend dragons and slay Orks. It can also be worn as a gothic corset for the same reason!

So, as they say in the land of corsetry: tie me up and strap me in!


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