Gift Certificates for Christmas!

Gift Certificates for Christmas!

Christmas is getting too close for comfort! We’re all so busy and there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything we need on top of the extra stress of shopping in overcrowded malls and stores, bumping into prams, waiting in lines, listening to that crap elevator music they play in department stores…

There IS a better way!! OtherWorld Fashion Gift Certificates

Alternative clothing gift cerftificates

Give the gift of alternative wear fashion with one of our gorgeous gift certificates in the denomination of your choice. We can email or snail mail you the certificate for giving, and it is valid for an entire year.

Avoid the crowds, the hassle, the parking, and the frustration of trying to find that perfect gift – give the gift of gorgeous Gothic clothing, fabulous fetish fashion, sexy steampunk outfits, radical rave wear, pin up lusciousness or some exquisite accessories!

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