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Google Universe

Welcome to the OtherWorld! It’s an exciting time at OtherWorld Fashion! We have re-started the business after a 5 month closure while my partner was overseas. That slowed us down a bit, but now, we’re back with a vengeance and are truly hitting our stride.

The last month has been incredible!! Was it related to Mardi Gras? Maybe it’s our website finding its place in the Google universe! Whatever has caused our dramatic increase in sales, we are so pleased! We have gained international exposure and are now shipping regularly to the USA, Canada, England, and Europe. We couldn’t be happier!

And have you seen our new products? Our men’s Gothic, Steampunk, and Punk styles have been flying off the shelves! We sold out of the Witcher tunic in one month! But we still have some incredible pieces that just arrived like the Heavy Metal Shirt, Darth Raven Top, and the Wolverine Coat  – just for starters!

men's gothic clothing

Women’s Gothic and rockabilly fashions have been a big hit as well. And our new products will give you a tingle up your spine!

You burlesque babes will adore the Saloon Sally Skirt and the Silly Little Kitty Skirt, and those who salivate for Steampunk must check out the new Hot ’n Steamy Steampunk Vest! Pair that with the Hot ’n Steamy Steampunk Skirt, Top and Glove, and your outfit is together! Note the Hot ’n Steamy Steampunk top is now on Sale – hint, hint, wink, wink.

steampunk skirt

For those of you who missed out on the Moulin Rouge half shrug – we were able to source MORE! Get in quick though, these awesome and unique shrugs don’t hang around for long.


moulin rouge half shrug

So, it’s all about NEW PRODUCTS!

Soon, we will start planning our next fashion shows and videos. If you have any ideas or want to be a part of it all, let us know!

Best wishes and party on,

Victoria and The OtherWorld Fashion Team

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