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How to Dress Up as a Steampunk Gentleman

Girl: So what are you wearing for the Steampunk event tonight?
Boy: Hmmm.. maybe I will wear my suit
Girl: And?
Boy: My winter boots.
Girl: And?
Boy: My goggles
Girl: So, you think some goggles will make you look Steampunk ha. Grrr! Can you be more creative?

Unfortunately, some people don’t make much of an effort for Steampunk events. They think a goggle or a hat or a only a sceptre will make their outfit Steampunk, but there are a hundred different options that can make you look awesome. Some of the men are new on the scene, some of them are not very creative, some of them don’t know where to buy their gear and most of them are just lazy  It doesn’t matter which group are you in, let’s check – tip to toe – how to dress up as a Steampunk Gentleman.


Steampunk hats are the most important, most creative and amazing part of your outfit. Every Steampunk men has a hat in the Wild West Era,  so we can easily say every man should have a hat in the Steampunk Era as well.  You can wear a Victorian Gentleman hat or Steampunk mechanic hat or WWII air captain cap or British Pith hat or a bowler hat or a pirate bandana. Whatever matches your outfit, you’re only limited by your imagination. The hat is an indispensable part of your outfit.


Most of the Steampunk fiction characters have goggles. Sometimes they protect their eyes during time travel, or when they are inventing something they can use goggles with different lenses. Also airship pilots use goggles to protect their eyes from wind or increase their eyesight. Most of the people think If you are a Steampunk person, you must wear goggles. Yes it is a vital part of Steampunk, but it depending on your style, you can dress up without goggles.


Mostly, if you are ugly, you are going to a Steampunk event with a mask accessory. Don’t get mad I am just joking :) Masks are an awesome part of your outfit. If you are wearing a soldier costume, a gas mask would be a best fit for you. You can look like a soldier from a nuclear war. Or a masquerade mask can complete your Victorian style outfit. Or You can be a technician in the industrial age with your welding helmets. In my opinion, masks are a very sexy part of your outfit .


Nothing can make you more charming than wearing a high quality Steampunk vest. The wardrobes of most Steampunkers are filled with colorful vests. Sometimes your vest completes your shirt or sometimes it matches with your coat.


In 35degree C you wear your shorts and thongs, but wait a minute – there’s a guy walking under the sun wearing a heavy coat and goggles above his hat. Isn’t it weird ? Actually it is a real story: I saw a guy wearing a Punk Rave jacket in Queensland Australia at summertime. Of course, I spoke with him and he said this is his lifestyle, wherever he goes, he always goes Steampunk. Likely, he dosn’t wear a gas mask everywhere :p but joke aside, it was awesome. The sad thing is Steampunk coats are never on sale because it doesn’t matter if t’s winter or summer, Steampunk lovers always wear their coats.


Of course; it is not your daily bracelet. Most of the time they are a piece of art. It could be a metallic butterfly or a mechanic arm or steampunk gears on a watch. Not many of Steampunk gentlemen wear bracelets. Depends of your costume, but If you don’t wear a long sleeve shirt or coat, you should think about wearing a piece of art on your arm.


The topic is gloves but it could be a big metal robotic arm or a fingerless glove with lots of gears on it but sometimes only leather gloves will match with your long trench coat. Whatever the gloves, you feel like you are the king of the world. Doesn’t it feel better in the Steampunk clothes?


Yes I can hear you, men don’t carry bags, we have pockets and we don’t carry lipstick. That’s true, we don’t carry 10,000 items but Steampunk Fashion has beautiful waist bags or even cool legging bags. I know I know, you are saying right now; What is a legging bag? Just check the picture below. Isn’t it cool? You can carry your phone, car keys or glasses and it looks so cool on you.


Matching your pants with your vest and your coat or not, it is a fantasy world so you can create totally random things as well. Maybe you are a mad-scientist and none of your clothes match each other. Or you are a Victorian Gentleman wearing a stripe line vest with stripe line matching pant. Or, an air captain wearing leather pants with skull buttons.


Most of the Steampunk men are missing the coolest part of the outfit: footwear!! They just wear their daily boots or their fancy shoes. No, you should buy cool shoes for your outfit. I am not saying buy shoes for every dress like the girls do, because then you probably can’t pay your bills, but every Steampunk lover must have boots that can complete their costume.


Steampunk accessories can be a whole blog topic actually, there are hundreds of different types of items; pocket watches, decorative weapons, canes, holsters, armbands, legbands, armor, belts. Check the pictures below, I know you want to buy all of them, Steampunk accessories are so tempting.

Which Steampunk piece is your favorite?

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