Gothic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Gothic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Gothic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is coming and you don’t know what to buy for your Glamorous Goth Girl.  You want to buy something different – not the same old jewellery, dress, or gift card again. You want something unique and rare; something as special as she is.

To help you out, we have some interesting gift ideas for the Gothic Girl in your life. Let’s have a look:

1- Ouija Jewellery Box

Jewellery is a classic gift and if you are buying jewellery for her every year, it’s time to buy a nice Gothic box for her jewellery. With a Ouija jewellery box, she can store her earrings and necklaces while she summons her demons and devils.


2- Skull Cake Pan

If your Gothic girlfriend loves cooking, this skull pan sets make cooking time more fun. Also, you get to eat yummy cakes because she will enjoy using the skull pan cake set. It is definitely two birds and one stone


3- Gothic Toilet

She has Gothic bed sheets, Gothic decoration items, Goth dresses and jewellery, she feels 24/7 Goth and she is so happy with her Goth lifestyle but she doesn’t have any Goth in her toilet!! Oh no!!! Toilet seat, toilet paper holder and toilet brush  – white as heaven. Luckily, this Gothic toilet set will make her toilet experience even better.


4- Tea and Coffee set

Your Goth girlfriend might like tea but she is bored with her classic tea set. If she has a skull or bloody tea set, she can serve tea to her guests with this set. Hopefully, your guests don’t freak out drinking tea with skull cups. Don’t forget  – not everyone is Goth!!!

Gothic tea set


5- Goblets

I am sure that she loves to drink blood… oops! sorry, I mean WINE with these unique goblets.


6- Gothblock Cream

Have you ever seen any Goth under the sun, sunbathing and trying to have tan skin? No! We have to stay white and wear black clothes. To keep our skin very white, of course we need sun cream.  How about buy her Gothblock cream?  It will make her more than happy!

7- Spellbooks

Your witch girlfriend dresses like a witch, acts like a witch, lives like a witch, but does she know anything about witchcraft, spells and potions? If the answer is no, she would love witchcraft books.


8- Unique Clothing Accessories

I know, clothing is a common gift but you can buy her unique Gothic accessories such as a Skull Headdress, gloves with skull and spike accessories, or even a Mohawk Festival hair extension. Check the link below for more Gothic clothing accessories.


9- Coffin Shelf

She has tons of Gothic household items,  books, candles and all of them are on the IKEA shelf. A coffin shelf makes her house more Gothic than before.

10- Adopt a Baby Bat!

Nothing is more Gothic than bats! Adopt one of these gorgeous little bats and help them to grow and thrive. Your donation will not only be wonderful for the bats, but good for your (and her) heart.

Do you have interesting Gothic Valentine Day’s gift ideas? Please share with us


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  • Matthew Criss

    My lady is into gothic and I just want to get her something nice any options?

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