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New Incredible Designs From Punk Rave Have Arrived!

Greetings from the OtherWorld!

Things are really heating up down here! Demand has been high and we’ve been working our little alternative glove-covered fingers to the bone!

We have been shipping internationally to a world of alternative people who have been giving us tremendous feedback on our Gothic, steampunk, rave, pin up, and rocker designs. Look out for the next blog of testimonials from (in)famous people!




OMG – these new pieces for men and women from Punk Rave are incredible, unique and simply fabulous!
We have the Mercenary top for men that is a STEAMPUNK staple. Pair with our Gladiator vest for a complete and utter incredible look!

Smouldering hot and sexy Gothic she devils will love the Little Black Riding Hood Coat Dress and the Vampirella Coat. Magnificent pieces that will accent your curves.

The Little Black Riding Hood Coat Dress is sexy and mysterious….

..while the Vampirella Coat is a magnificent piece of art! There are more features and gizmos on this piece; you could easily see this in a SciFi film on a Hollywood set.

Check out our Officer Onatopp 3 piece outfit. Ready for action, ready to party. Very sexy and form-fitting, buy one piece or all 3. Great for themed party nights, fetish, cosplay, or uniform night! The little hat even has hair clips to help it stay securely perched upon your perfect coif.

Don’t miss our ACCESSORIES section, either! There is the most unique purse there – ever! Check out our new Hooked-up Shoulder and Belt Purse! Straps everywhere, you can wear it across your chest, on your belt, around your leg, your imagination is the limit. Plus, it is a completely functional bag with a large zip-closure pouch and a front buckle-secured compartment.



I wore a new dress from our Hearts & Roses London pin-up collection to Sydney’s Hellfire club last Friday. The Police Siren was so incredibly flattering that I was stopping traffic! I am not young, nor do I have a perfect figure, but that dress made me look young and svelte! I added a hat and a badge to make it look a little more coptastic, but without those additions, it is the perfect sexy party dress for any occasion when you want to turn up the heat!

Whew! Well, have to get back to shipping around the OtherWorld!

Big hugs and kisses to all of our wonderful Fashionistas!


Victoria and the OtherWorld Fashion Team

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