Our New Brand – Spiral Direct

Our New Brand – Spiral Direct

Happy New Year from the OtherWorld of Fashion!

We hope you had a nice break, no matter what you did (or didn’t) celebrate. We have had many visitors to our Fashion HQ on the other side of the World, and enjoyed the overindulgence with gusto.

 However, eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we shall diet!!

 Now that the gift buying for others is out of the way, you can concentrate your efforts on ramping up your wardrobe! And we are here to help!

Spiral Direct Clothing

 We have recently added a new line, Spiral Direct. This is a U.K. based company that features gothic, fantasy, rocker, and heavy metal designs. Think dragons, skulls, bones and crosses. We are stocking men’s and women’s tops and t-shirts and even a gorgeous pajama set! Their products are high quality and easy on your post-Christmas stressed budget. Check them out!

I need to keep this short as you are probably still in the midst of your merriment and don’t have time to read a huge blog. However, I will sneak this in: check out our new Punk Rave Queen of Scots dress and imagine it with Hades Scottish Sass Boots. I am absolutely salivating over this set!!

We at OtherWorld Fashion hope that 2017 is your hottest ever, and that you will choose us as your favorite alternative clothing boutique!

Love and lust,

Vixen and the OtherWorld Fashionistas

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