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Punk Rave: Alternative Clothing for All Occasions

What’s the story behind Punk Rave?

Growing up in Beijing as the youngest child, Joey was used to wearing her older sister’s discarded clothes while dreaming of the beautiful pieces she would one day buy for herself. A lover of fashion from the beginning, Joey’s dreams of her own full wardrobe came true when she opened her own fashion store.

Initially selling clothing outside of mainstream fashion, Joey’s first business sadly did not flourish and instead closed in 2004. While traveling and working, Joey embraced Punk culture and learned more than ever before about the fashion and unique style, eventually deciding to study clothing design in Guangzhou.

Joey once more opened her business, initially selling sourced designs domestically and abroad before partnering with factories that would produce her own designs to the high standard she expected. Her focus on Goth and Punk fashion led to popularity abroad, and in 2006 Punk Rave was born.

By 2012, the business was so successful that her products were being exported to 23 countries and Pyon Pyon, capturing the sweeter Lolita style, was created in 2010. Seeing that attitudes towards Punk style had changed, Joey returned to China in 2012 with the new line, Punk Rave, to offer everyday wear in her signature style.

Selling to a wide audience around the world, Punk Rave appeals to a broad alternative fashion market and provides clothing options perfect for festivals, everyday wear, and special occasions.

In the Punk Rave brand, you will find men’s, women’s, and unisex fashion and accessory items that pair brilliantly with your unique style to accentuate your fashion identity. Creating alternative fashion trends, Punk Rave is an alternative fashion brand that specialises in avant-garde clothing; unconventional styles and dark fashion that is beloved by all who love underground fashion, steampunk style, goth style, and punk fashion.

punk rave gothic dresses

What type of products do Punk Rave sell?

The Punk Rave collection includes many different products that are in high demand for cosplay fashion, rebel fashion, and more. Alternative fashion for men is easy to achieve with the range of men’s gothic pants, Victorian shirts, Vampire capes, Gothic dresses, men’s Steampunk accessories, and military jackets.

Choose from Vampire dresses, women’s tops, flowing Steampunk skirts, Cyberpunk tops, Gothic leggings, and more and embrace great alternative fashion for women. Cosplay with Punk Rave by adding some of their great accessories such as hats, gloves, and glasses while you are building your Punk Rave wardrobe.

Add Gothic flair to an alternative wedding guest outfit with a pirate themed fascinator, be a Steampunk groom with an awesome shirt, or make your music festival outfit stand out from the crowd with a creative jacket!

punk rave vampire styles

How is Punk Rave quality?

From your cosplay with Punk Rave needs to finding a goth fashion with Punk Rave streetwear alternative, the quality of Punk Rave items are well tested and fantastic for all occasions. All Punk Rave items are made to high quality standards and are sustainably made thanks to vegan leather and polyester blend fabrics.

The future of alternative fashion, Punk Rave clothing and accessories are constructed well and are also easy to maintain, leaving you looking your best always. From hats and goggles to jackets and dresses, each item sold by the brand is made with love and care.

punk rave cyber style

How is Punk Rave sizing?

In both Punk Rave Womenswear and Punk Rave Menswear sizing can run a little small. With many styles being constructed from non-stretch materials, it is important to size yourself accordingly.

If you are creating your festival fashion with Punk Rave or are wondering how to be more confident in your alternative style, it is recommended that you check the size chart for each item or purchase the size up. Good fitting clothing is the first step to confidence in your style, so make sure you are comfortable in your amazing new outfit.

 punk rave sizing guide

Where can I buy Punk Rave worldwide?

Punk Rave is available across the globe, with stores offering the chance to purchase your very own items easily and without much effort. No matter where in the world you live, you’ll be able to find your own alternative fashion clothing items easily and have them delivered to your door in no time at all.

punk rave post apocalyptic

Australia and New Zealand - OtherWorld Fashion

For Australian Goths and New Zealand Punks, OtherWorld Fashion has the largest range of Punk Rave fashion items available. Offering next day dispatch for Punk Rave Australia delivery and with express post available, Otherworld Fashion is the one stop shop for all your alternative fashion needs.

Also available to international customers, Otherworld Fashion offers worldwide shipping with delivery expected to take 7-14 days. Always up to date with Punk Rave’s newest offerings, Otherworld Fashion is an Australian company dedicated to helping every fashion subculture be represented

punk rave otherworld fashion

UK- Violent delights

The place to shop for alternative fashion in the United Kingdom, Violent Delights stock Punk Rave clothing and accessories that are never out of style. For a night out in London or for the next UK convention, Violent Delights has an enviable range of cool Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic, Punk or other alternative style items for men and women that will make you the best dressed at any event.

USA - Rebels Market

Offering edgy clothing for men and women, Rebels Market is an American store stocking Punk Rave to ensure all US customers have access to the best range of Punk, Goth, and Steampunk clothing items available. With their store available for all residents of the United States, Rebels Market ensures their customers are up to date on alternative style and dressed to impress always.

Europe - Fantasmagoria

Europe is considered the most fashion-forward part of the globe, and with Fantasmagoria’s Punk Rave collection every alternative fashion wearer in a multitude of countries can be dressed in the latest Punk, Steampunk, Gothic, and alternative fashion items. Explore Rome in your alternative fashion best, travel to Germany for a music festival in your Gothic outfit, or make heads turn in Sweden dressed in a Vampire dress and covered in alternative accessories.


Punk Rave is the premier alternative fashion brand for unique, well-made items that accentuate the fun and creativity of Gothic, Punk, Steampunk, and alternative fashion genres. Whether it is staple items that are the base of an outfit, or more ornate pieces that draw attention and add glamour to an ensemble, Punk Rave’s huge catalogue of items is fit for every purpose.

Pair a Punk Rave fascinator with an elegant vampire dress for a costume party, or make heads turn with your Steampunk pirate shirt and pants combo; no matter how you personally present yourself, Punk Rave is the brand for you!

punk rave alternative clothing

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