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Victorian Gentleman Pants



Vendor: Punk Rave SKU: WK-333

The pants you choose to wear are more than just an accompaniment to the rest of your outfit; they are an integral part of an overall image and should contribute equally to the style you are aiming to create. With these beautifully black pants with an embroidered waistband and pocket edging, the details are exactly right for complimenting your Gothic style.

Slim with a tapered lower leg, these ants are perfect for wear with either above ankle boots or a pair of low-riding shoes as well as a variety of shirt options. Explore your style and be comfortable while you do it in these fitted trousers that suit your every need.


  • Woven, non-stretch fabric
  • Polyester, Viscose and Spandex mix
  • Black embroidered fabric around the thick waistband and pockets
  • Lacing at the back
  • Black color
  • Front Zip Fastening

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punk rave wk-333 size chart