6 Ideas for a Romantic Gothic Evening on Valentine’s Day

6 Ideas for a Romantic Gothic Evening on Valentine’s Day

Just because your heart is black doesn’t mean that it isn’t full of love. We’ve come up with 6 dark ideas for a necromantic evening.


1. Dine in the darkness

Dine on dragon’s wings and drink from the cup of blood at your favourite Gothic or Vampire-themed restaurant. Or, decorate your dining table with skulls and candles and prepare your own feast!

2. Cuddle up close and watch


Close the curtains, light the candles and put on Bram Stoker’s Dracula


or if you like your black with a bit more humour, Young Frankenstein will have you in stitches.


3. Song and Poizin on your lips

 Serenade your loved one with the Cure’s Lovesong


And don’t forget the dark chocolates


and the bottle of Poizin!


4. Float over the water

 For you outdoorsy goths, take a fully-catered sunset Gondola Ride. The private cabin in this one will ensure the sun doesn’t ruin your pale glow.

5-Dance under a full moon

 Go to the graveyard and dance the night away in your ball gown and tails.


6- Speak to the dead with your Ouija board

 While you’re connecting with your loved one, make a few connections with a few lost souls from the other world while interacting with your Ouija.


Whichever way you play it, do it with your beautiful gothic style! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us hopeless romantics at OtherWorld Fashion.

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