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Have You Heard of a Gothic Belly Dance?

The Dark Side of Dance

Gothic Belly dancing, also known and referred to as Gothic Tribal Fusion, Dark Fusion Belly Dance, or Gothic Fusion Belly Dancing, is a modernly founded dance art style drawn from numerous influences, such as Goth subculture and traditional Middle Eastern Dancing. Growing in both recognition and popularity, this dance movement was originally conceived in America during the 1990’s when Goth was entering into its mainstream popularity era. With the rise of Goth movies such as The Craft, the whimsigoth classic Practical Magic, and more, Goth in the 90’s was taking on a new popularity in the media, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This growth allowed for more people to enjoy the subculture, and to create new and interesting ways to incorporate Gothic style into other elements of their lives, such as with the fusion of belly dancing and Goth style!

gothic belly dance

What is Gothla AU?

Gothla AU , in conjunction with Vampire Lounge, is an amazing weekend of workshops and performances including the beautiful Cabaret of Curiosities evening in Sydney, Australia, on the 6th-7th October 2023 to highlight the beauty of Gothic belly dancing! A sister festival to the amazingly popular Gothla UK event, this is Australia’s first gothic dance festival and is sure to be a hit! Set to be a truly memorable weekend, this amazing showcase is hosted by Buck Agrios and features talented dancers performing a vast range of stunning Gothic and metal fusion belly dances you do not want to miss! Be transported to a place of dark mystery and enjoy the immersive experience as you watch performers from both Australia and abroad show off their skills!


What events are happening?

gothla australia timetable

Taking place at the Oxford Art Factory, Gothla AU features not only the opportunity to watch talented performers show of their skills, but also the chance to attend workshops and develop your own! Some workshops include:

  • Dance as Catharsis: 1:45-3:15pm Friday 6th October, $45

Run by headline act Daewen, this workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to get into the dancing mindset and express yourself! Open to all levels of experience, this workshop is a judgement free zone for all to enjoy, and with Daewen’s exploration of her cathartic dance method you’ll never feel more free!

  • Dark Ones' Gothic Fusion Choreo with Jessyka: 12:30-2:00pm Saturday 7th October, $35

Led by Jessyka, this workshop lets you explore your inner dark fairy while learning some awesome choreography with a focus on hand and arm movements. This workshop also offers the chance to perform with Gothla AU 2024, with those interested able to access online choreography to study for next year’s event!

  • Beginners Dark Burlesque with Venus Vamp: Friday 6th October, 3:30-4:30pm, $35

Let Venus Vamp lead you through simple choreography to help you explore stage performing in a safe and comfortable environment! For beginners to burlesque or those looking for a new skill to add to their set, this workshop is a beautiful place to learn new moves and develop your knowledge of stagecraft!

For more info about other classes on offer, check out the Gothla AU Workshop info page here!

What about the Cabaret of Curiosities?

On Friday night from 7:30-10pm, enjoy the dazzling performances arranged by Gothla AU’s talented teachers and more, and embrace all things dark! Dress in your best velvet, lace, and dramatic Gothic outfits and enjoy watching the show, then get ready to be sipping on a signature absinthe cocktail at the following cocktail event hosted by the Vampire Lounge! Purchase your tickets to the Cabaret of Curiosity here.

Who are the performers I can see?

Gothla AU have assembled an amazing group of passionate gothic dancers and performers to make this weekend a special one!


Daewen is a premier Metal Fusion dancer

Joining us all the way St Lois, USA; Daewen is a premier metal fusion dancer and instructor whose signature Stygian style is inspired by the blending of heavy music, strength, fantasy, magic, horror, and strong emotions. Founding the Stygian Collective in 2020 which connects dancers from all over the world, Daewen is a master of her craft!



Blending traditional belly dancing style with dark, gothic themes and lush costumes, Jessyka is an eccentric and eye-catching performer who is the head creatix behind Gothla AU! Having studied under some of the best performers in the world, Jessyka has performed all over the globe and has brought her unique style to a huge audience!

Venus Vamp

venus vamp

Unique, creative, and a beautiful performer; Venus Vamp creates beauty and drama on the stage at every performance! Known for her dark glamour and mystic striptease style, Venus is an avid performer with 20 years of experience under her dazzling belt!

Kylie Astarte

Kylie Astarte

A magical bellydance and fusion artist, Kylie showcases her 27 years of experience in belly dance fusion and performance art in every wonderful performance she does! As a versatile and creative artist and performer, Kylie has an amazing reputation in the performance communities and is known for her ability to explore Steampunk, Gothic, Pirate, Viking, and other alternative styles in her material!

Kalikah Jade

Kalikah Jade

Talented and unique, Kalikah Jade is a performer you can’t afford to miss! Mixing heavy metal themes with the aesthetics of beautiful Disney princesses, Kalikah is a bellydancing veteran whose performances are always a visual masterpiece! Known for blending sequins and moody rhythms, industrial metal with world influenced beats, and expressive costuming with sensual movement; Kalikah is a dancing powerhouse!

As proud sponsors of the 2023 Gothla AU Cabaret of Curiosities event, we are excited to offer you the chance to win a $50 Otherworld Fashion voucher! Simply hop on over to the Gothla AU Facebook page and follow the instructions to not only secure your tickets to this awesome event, but also to get your name in the running for an awesome prize! Wear your favourite Gothic outfit and get ready to enjoy some truly sexy, beautiful gothic belly dancing!

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