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What's Coming Up In The Steampunk World?

When you have an interest in something, fostering that passion is something that not only gives you a chance to meet other like-minded people, but to have fun and begin new traditions! By exploring upcoming Steampunk events, you can explore your personal Steampunk style, meet new Steampunk-loving friends, and explore the scene in a real, interactive environment! 

To help you reach your full Steampunk potential, we've comprised a list of upcoming Steampunk events for 2019 in both Australia and New Zealand to get you on your way! 


Time-Travelling Makers' Faire - AKA NZ Medieval Faire 2019

Southey Field, 664 Devonport Road , Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NZ

January 19th 9am-6pm & January 20th 9am-4pm

Featuring entertainment from the Medieval, Modern and Alternative Reality times, this renaissance fair in Tauranga is one that the whole family will enjoy! With no age restrictions in place, tickets are available for both children and adults with activities to enjoy for both age groups! Dressing up is encouraged, and will definitely make your interactive experience with other Steampunk lovers one to remember! Watch as stall holders and working crafters go about their fascinating business, or take the chance to join in where you can! While some activities may be suited better to only adult participation, don't let that stop you from bringing the kids and having a fun-filled Steampunk family weekend! 

Ticketing Information on the website:



CapriCon Convention 2019

Rockhamton Showgrounds, QLD, AUS

Saturday 6th April 10am-8pm

Suitable for this of all ages, this day fair brought to you by the Rockhampton Council and Rockhampton Library is a fun-filled day of Steampunk, Pop Culture and Cosplay fun that isn't just a joy to watch, but an immersive experience you'll regret passing up! With attendence numbers rising every year, the partnership with CQ Eatfest means that there is not ony fun events, but awesome food to keep you going all day!

Ironfest- 20th Anniversary

Lithgow Showground, NSW, AUS

April 20th-22nd

On it's landmark 20th anniversary, why not strap yourself in for the chance to not only attend, but also participate in this growing ode to the Kingdom of Ironfest?!

From humble beginnings as an art exhibition, the growth of this festival into the massive attraction it is today is staggering! Incorporating historical and cultural attributes, the mix of designers, artists, blacksmiths and craftsmen, historical reenactors and musicians from around the country is what makes this expansive playground an entertaining wonderment to be enjoyed by all! Whatever your passion, you'll find an outlet here on these exciting and magical few days where everyone will join together to create the Ironfest: Once Upon A Time 20th Anniversary event!

Ticketing Information available at website:



Steampunk at Altitude

Monaro Village of Nimmitabel, NSW, AUS

Saturday 5th May-Sunday 6th May

The historically beautiful industrial setting of the Monaro village of Nimmitabel NSW is the perfect place to host this celebration of Steampunk style! Featuring games, competitions, and displays of industrial brilliance, you can choose to simply observe the popular event or play along with the many other Steampunk enthusiasts who join you for this adventure! Free entry and filled with music, food, and many attractions, this outdoor Steampunk event is great for all ages an interest levels to enjoy!

Steampunk New Zealand Festival 

Oamaru New Zealand (Eastern Coast South Island)

Thursday 30th May-Sunday 2nd June 

As the longest running and largest Steampunk event in the Southern Hemisphere, this is one festival that you simply cannot afford to miss! Each day of this epic festival offers something new from teapot racing, a meet and greet, the gala ball, and unique markets! With many different events and a large crowd, why not take advantage of the expression of interest option on the event webpage and begin planning your epic and magical Steampunk experience! Amuse yourself with the street art and performers, the theater shows, the workshops and every other amazing attraction offered and enjoy the chance to join the Steampunk community for true immersive fun! 


Tickets on sale Feb 1



Steampunk Victoriana Fair


Goulburn Historic Waterworks, NSW, AUS

Saturday 19th October- Sunday 20th October 

Located at the Goulburn Historic Waterworks, this fair includes a tour of the waterworks building as well as the engines housed there. With a unique and rich history, this location is the perfect place to host a Steampunk fair that is fun for Steampunk enthusiasts of all ages. Dress in your finest Steampunk fare, and enjoy the chance to see first hand the wonder and power of steam! A variety of fun activities are available and make this a fair to love! 

Ticket information available closer to event.



Steampunk The Thames

Thames, Corromandel, New Zealand 

7th-10th November 

Dinners, balls, concerts, exhibitions and markets; there isn't much that this festival that encompasses the town of Thames doesn't offer for Steampunk lovers!

With most of the event offered over the course of the three day event being family friendly and free, this is the perfect chance to get everyone in the family immersed into a Steampunk extravaganza! Fun-filled days of activities, events and competitions are made even better by the passionate people who attend this festival and put forward their best Steampunk fashion offerings! If once a year isnt enough for you, get your favourite look ready to go and start planning your trip to the beautiful town of Thames today for any one of their year round Steampunk events!


Attend one event or attend them all; the fun is in exploring your Steampunk style and having fun! 

Which event are you most excited about?

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