Have Yourself A Merry, Alternative Christmas

Have Yourself A Merry, Alternative Christmas

Christmas is always a fun time if the year, whether you subscribe to the more traditional holiday ideals or make it your own. From decorations to food and family fun, you can always enjoy this special time of year in a way that suits you perfectly.

For some, the idea of the traditional red, green and gold is as good as Christmas gets, and there is nothing wrong with that at all! But if you are a lover of more alternative styles, there are a lot of ways that you can explore injecting your own alternative passions into the festive season to create a look that is entirely your own!

 A Very Steampunk Christmas

                                    Steampunk Christmas decoration                        

Steampunk is an insanely popular movement, and one you can enjoy in whatever ways that suit you best. When it comes to Christmas, why not try to incorporate your Steampunk love into your festive stylings?

From cogs and leather to brass and machinery, adding Steampunk elements to your Christmas decorations is a really fun project! By including a few key ideas into your decorating, the Steampunk style can really shine though! Stick with a brown and cream colour scheme, add some cog stickers to your baubles, and utilise a variety of materials such as paper and leather to make the star, your wreath and other decorations!

                                            Steampunk decoration

To create a Steampunk wreath to hang on your door, explore utilising aged paper to make flowers, and add some brass cogs and metal flourishes for an attractive and exciting take on a traditional decorating element. Similarly, for your table decorations, apocathary bottles with sprigs of holly on a leather base can be a beautifully Steampunk addition to your home.

                                  steampunk christmas tree

When it comes to really making a Steampunk statement, you can’t go past a Steampunk Christmas tree! As one of the biggest pieces of decoration your home will have, the Christmas tree is a great chance to set the scene for your overall theme. Again, cogs and leather are great to use as tools to carry your Steampunk style and can be as dramatic or subdued as you like. With your regular green Christmas tree, a brown and cream colour scheme is an eye-catching display, and the cogs, wires and chains that you can use to decorate the tree will give it a beautiful feel. For an added touch, wrap your presents in brown paper, or old newspapers with tags that utilise Steampunk decorations to extend your theme a little further.

                                   Steampunk chritmas tree

If you love Steampunk fashion, start there for inspiration with what style you like and expand on it to suit your needs! With this type of decorating, the only limitation is your imagination; explore, experiment, and most importantly, have fun!

Deck the Halls with Gothic Garlands Falalalala

                                  Gothic Christmas

Gothic decorating is a popular choice in a lot of different ways, from weddings and general décor to holiday fare! In general, it is easy to achieve a gothic look by creating a dark colour scheme and embracing the morbid aspect of decorating to create an overall mood!

                                   Gothic Christmas tree

Start by getting yourself into the Goth Christmas mood with some goth movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas or Krampus and utilise their influence in your decorating! In your general home décor, black table runners, twinkle lights, candles, and black flowers are a great way to get started! Red or black poinsettias are a beautiful statement flower that captures the festive spirit while still fitting within your Goth style, and fake flowers can be a great way to decorate your tree! Another popular decorating tool is the skull, and utilising skulls with antlers which can be used on your tree, as a table centrepiece, or as a wall hanging add to the festive feel.

With your Goth Christmas tree, there are so many options for how to decorate the tree to fit your needs. Whether you go with a black tree that is decorated with either white, red or white and red decorations, a white tree decorated with black items, or any other variation that captures the gothic feel you are looking for, your personal style will shine through. Add twinkle lights or fake candles for a romantic feel, and for a touch of further goth goodness try extending your theme into the wrapping paper you use for gifts to add to the allure.

                                                  Gothic Chritsmas gift

Even if your way of celebrating the festive season isn’t what some would consider traditional, it is the chance to make memories special to you that is important. Find your style, explore your passions, and have fun making your own traditions! As with everything you do, confidence is key to creating a style that is not only uniquely your own but is one you can explore and grow with as you like!

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