Suspenders and Steam: How to Find Your Steampunk Style!

Suspenders and Steam: How to Find Your Steampunk Style!

Steampunk style


Whether you’re new to the cosplay scene or just looking for something different to try, why not explore the wide and growing Steampunk community?

Steampunk has become one of the largest and most recognisable styles in the world, and for good reason! It is easily adaptable to any of your interests, brilliantly inclusive and creative, and is fairly easy to achieve. But how do you get started? First of all, let’s take a look at what Steampunk actually is!

Initially originating in literary fiction, Steampunk is a science-fiction sub-genre that draws inspiration from the technology and fashion of the Nineteenth Century and combines it with elements of the Industrial Revolution in what is usually an alternative timeline. In creating Steampunk fashion, the combination of historical, Victorian era romanticism with pieces of advanced but still retro-look technology creates a unique and quirky style that can be incorporated into existing fandoms, or as a new way to display your passion!

But how do you find YOUR Steampunk look? Here are a few steps that will get you on your way to Steampunk glory!

Let's Explore First!

First of all, research is your friend! The best way to find what suits you best is to explore the mass of information available from people who are already immersed into the world you are looking at joining! From social media to dedicated websites, there is a variety of ways to explore and learn at the click of a button. Exploring how other people interpret the creative movement is the first step on the road to creating your own visual masterpiece! If you are looking for a few websites to get you started, this is a great resource to get you ion your way!

The next step in finding your own Steampunk fashion look is to explore some source material! Whether you are into movies, television, or literature, there will definitely be something for you!

Here are a few films, television shows and comics that have some amazing Steampunk inspiration to get you started!


  • Wild Wild West (1999): Set in, as the title suggests, the Wild West, this film incorporates many typical Steampunk elements. From the steam-powered wheelchair used by the character Loveless and the steam-powered spider used to try to thwart the heroes, to the top hats and other Victorian clothing the characters wear and their accessories, this film is packed with inspirational material!


 wild wild west steampunk


  • Crimson Peak (2015): A more subtle example of a Steampunk film, this visual masterpiece is a gothic dream that is the perfect inspiration for anyone looking for a way to ease into their own Steampunk look.


 crimson peak steampunk


    • Van Helsing (2004): If you’re interested in a more adventure influenced Steampunk wardrobe with gothic/medieval gothic influences, the characters in this movie are for you! While this film does have some serious classic horror origins, the details such as the time setting, the many literary characters, and the awesome gadgets like the gas-powered crossbow make this another great source to draw from!


 van helsing


  • Penny Dreadful (2014-2016): Featuring some incredibly recognisable classic literary characters, this television show explores the origin stories of these beloved characters in a Victorian London setting.


 Penny Dreadful


  • Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island by Warren Ellis and Raulo Caceres: For a pirate-based source of inspiration, it is hard to go past this amazing comic! With space pirates, flying ships and strange weapons, this story is one you’ll return to time and time again for more Steampunk goodness!




Find your Steampunk Style!

After exploring some visual inspiration, it’s time to narrow down which style you want to try! Whether you are looking at a Pirate, American West, Victorian, Fantasy, Horror, or any other Steampunk style, finding what suits you, excites you, and makes you comfortable is the first major step in beginning to construct your outfit. With many options available for purchasing Steampunk clothing and accessories, the hard part is stopping yourself from purchasing every item you find! Creativity is key, and as long as you are confident you can’t go wrong!

Now that you have the inspiration for your new Steampunk look, the next step in finding your style is interacting with other people involved in the Steampunk scene and exploring how you can enjoy this new interest! With its rise in popularity, there are many Steampunk events that allow participants the chance to mingle with other passionate people and share knowledge and ideas! Your style will constantly evolve, and by immersing yourself in a Steampunk crowd, you might just find yourself becoming an inspiration for another keen newbie! Why not search your local area and see what connections you can make?

What is your favourite Steampunk look or inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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