Ironfest steampunk festival

Experiencing Ironfest and Why You Have to Go!

Ironfest has always been an adventure to attend. To walk into the small town in NSW during the festivities is to immerse yourself in a fun culture filled with creative minds.

With passion and dedication, there is a host of people who have taken a simple idea and turned it into an annual event that is a pleasure to be a part of. With every year that Ironfest is held comes new attractions, new friends, and a chance to experience something wonderful.

A firm favourite on the Steampunk events calendar in Australia, Ironfest is a major production that is well worth the effort to attend!

Steampunk tans - Ironfest

What’s it like attending Ironfest?

Ironfest is all about creativity and respecting the history of the area and is filled with like-minded people that also want to have a great time! With so much on offer over a few days, this festival is awesome for anyone interested in Steampunk, metalwork, history, and the arts.

If you do a little research before you attend and can get a few ideas of what you’d most like to see in mind, your first Ironfest experience will for sure be a good one!

dancers - Ironfest festival

Do people dress up at Ironfest?

One of the best parts of Ironfest is walking into the mass of people who have taken the time to create some awesome outfits that perfectly capture the vibe of the event.

While it is perfectly fine if you would prefer not to dress up, if you are interested in exploring Cosplay or want to show off your newest pieces, Ironfest is a great place to experiment with style!

For anyone nervous about committing to dressing up, take it from those of us who have had the pleasure of attending before; this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to don your favourite cosplay outfit or to expand your Steampunk wardrobe and dress to make an impression!

If you need some hints or tips on how to dress like a Steampunk gentleman, or are looking for inspiration from previous years, there are a lot of amazing photos and videos available at the event website and social media pages you can check out!

steampunk dog - Ironfest

So what’s new this year?

Ironfest 2024 is a new beginning; with the location changing and the new structure in place, this festival is shaping up to be a little different to the Ironfest we’ve seen before.

But new doesn’t have to be scary- in the 2024 Ironfest lineup is a great array of events and attractions that will have you feeling the comforts of the years before as well as the excitement of something new.

Taking place in Portland, NSW in April this year, Ironfest Maker’s Expo is a metal-edge arts festival that will inspire your creative juices. Whether you are an artist yourself or simply love the atmosphere, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • The dancers and musicians in attendance
  • LARPers
  • Steampunk and Cosplay fun
  • Historical reenactments
  • Historical machinery and show cars for the rev-heads!
steampunk horse ride - Ironfest

What do I need to attend?

Taking place from the 27th-28th April in Portland NSW, all you need to attend is an eagerness to explore and some comfortable shoes! Free to attend and with a whole range of stalls and attractions from 10am-5pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday, this event is open to people of all ages with adult supervision required for under 16’s. Check out the Ironfest website for more information and for announcements closer to the event!

Ironfest Event - 2024

When: 27th-28th April

Hours: (Saturday: 10am-5pm) - (Sunday 10am-4pm)

Where: George Coates Street Lithgow, NSW 2790

Tickets: $30 - $155 AUD (Kids under 4 free)


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