The Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic 2023

The Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic 2023

Another take on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: The 2023 Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic


The Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic 2023 group photo


First Impression

It was a beautiful day for a picnic. Sunny, but not too warm to be wearing a corset, layers of skirting, gloves, and thigh-high boots, thankfully.

When we arrived, we were unsure we were in the right place, so we decided to follow some Victorian-clad ladies who were decidedly part of our scene.

After being led to our area and departing our guides for our own spot under a tree and settling in, we organized our blanket and baskets filled with treats and libations, and sipped and nibbled while we sat in witness to a parade of black parasols, corsets, Steampunk hats, horns, and Demonia boots floating through the lush green Roma Street parklands. We watched wide eyed and curious as they settled in to dine like a Mad Hatter’s tea party for the Underworld.

Goths in Colour?

But surprisingly, rather than just a sea of black, we saw an amazing mosaic of colour and textures; from leather to feathers, from lace to armor. There were punky goths, Victorian goths, Lolita goths, elves, witches, Steampunks, and interesting creatures. There were fabrics in hot pinks, oranges, vivid blues, reds and browns – as well as black!

You wouldn’t think that goths would be so colourful, but it just shows how many genres of goth there are, and how lovely to see all of these very different people blending together so nicely like a bouquet of flowers.

The Brisbane Alternative and Gothic Picnic 2023 Outfits

A Flighty Host

Our organiser and host, the lovely Lady Lothian, arrived cloaked in an incredible Monarch butterfly dress that she made herself. I had been following the progress of her dress on Facebook, but the final product was breathtaking. When she twirled, she looked like a butterfly in flight.

Lady Lothian said she chose the Monarch butterfly because it is a symbol of transformation, renewal, and spiritual growth. She even fashioned a butterfly patterned tie for her partner.

Lady Lothian in butterfly dress

A Difficult Choice

I was then tasked to award two OtherWorld Fashion gift certificates to the best female dressed person and the best male one. It was not an easy choice! While I was meandering around the park to view the hundreds of contestants, I ran into none other than the (in)famous Mel of Tragic Beautiful!

A Gothic Celebrity in Our Midst!

Mel is a beautiful (but not tragic!) and kind person who has provided us with her time and advice about running an alternative brand, a gift for which I will be forever grateful. Her business summons the witch in all of us and is a must visit.

tragic beautiful and OtherWorld Fashion at Brisbane Gothic Picnic

And in her fabulous gothic style, her picnic table was none other than a full-size coffin! (No, I don’t know if anyone was inside!).

What were the winners wearing?

For our female award, I decided on a pagan goddess with black horns, bat wings, and furry goat legs. Come to think of it, maybe she was a dark elf, because she had long black hair and elf ears. She just looked spectacular.

The Brisbane Alternative and Gothic Picnic 2023 Best Women Outfit

For the men, I loved the men wearing top hats, but I ended up choosing a tall gentleman who looked like he was a gothic biker crossed with an undead cowboy. He was wearing so many layers of textures and fabrics: leather shoulder armor covered with a furry vest and a small hat with The Cult written on it. He had a skull belt, gloves, and a metal face covering. I loved that he had put so much effort into his outfit and had a style all his own. It just worked!

The Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic 2023 Best Men Outfit

After the awards, we dined, laughed, and visited with old friends and new. The people in this gothic scene are so diverse, welcoming, and fun!

What's next?

If you haven’t been, it is a great event where you can meet interesting people, win fantastic prizes, and see some incredible outfits! The next Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, 15 June 2024.

The Brisbane Alternative and Gothic picnic 2024 is coming (note the invite has a photo of Mel carrying her coffin!)

Happy bats and black kisses,


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