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Feeling Magical at the Witches Market

When you love the otherworldly, finding a place to not only celebrate that love but also to explore with other like-minded people is a great way to spend your time. On May 18th, Bribie Island got to play host to the Witches Market; filled with stalls and attractions, this market was a pleasure to explore!

Regardless of where your passion leads you, the fabulous attendees of this market make it one to add to your calendar!

Getting Ready for the Market in the best Witch Outfit

One of the perks of this awesome market is how friendly and open everyone is, especially when it comes to dressing up in your best Witch outfit!

Going all out and wearing the most expressive, beautiful witchy outfit you have is strongly encouraged, with a prize for best dressed man, woman, and child as well as a prize for the best hat ensuring everyone takes part!

At the Market, There's So Much to See

When you first enter the Witches Market, you’ll notice how diverse the attractions are! With so many awesome stalls offering a variety of goods, there really is something for everyone and so much to see and do.

Whether you are looking for some delicious mead to drink, new crystals, scented candles, or a palm reading, the Witches Market has more stalls than a Wizard has staffs! Some of the stalls, but not all, include:

  • Stark Raven Runes
  • Pagan Way
  • Shambhala and Co
  • Obsidian Moon
  • Queens D's Creations
  • Axe and Rose
  • Larpoury Midnight Ritual
  • Copper Jewels by Design
  • Little Bug Box
  • Time And Tide Art Wear
  • Shoot the moon gallery
  • Botanical Harmony
  • Lily & Clementine
  • All Things Faerie
  • The Witch Within
  • Gold Coast Soy Candles
  • Pagan Prayers and Gothic Wares
  • Boho crystal witch
  • Drakonas Pendragon
  • Elfin Faerie
  • Apothecurius

While the Stalls Are Great, the Entertainers Make For Fun Times Too!

While wandering around the tables, taking in all the sights, it was exciting to hear an announcement; a mermaid had come to visit! With her beautiful blue tail swishing as she waved to the adorning kids of the market, it was a midday sight to see!

Frolicking in the water with kids splashing around, the mermaid was a magical addition to this mystical market that provided fun for everyone. While many families wandered to the water, others took advantage of the quiet to try some delicious mead from Valknut Meadery, to chat with some of the mediums including Delta Reads and Clairvoyant Palm Readings with Kavita, or to experience healing from Wings of Light Alignments.

A Walk, Some Witches, and a Winner Announced!

Taking time to see every stall and enjoy the displayed artwork, functional items, crystals, candles, 3D printed items, and more, it was easy to drift into the soothing magical energy of the day. With the end of the Mermaid’s Swim at 2pm came the infamous fun of the Witches Walk, where all those who dressed to impress could show off their creativity and stunning ensembles!

With the walk taking place and onlookers enjoying the show, it was time for the winners to be picked. A fun way to lead into the tail end of the day, this prompted curious onlookers to take a gander and wander into the market for a look around.

Sadly, the day had to end sometime...

At 4pm, the stalls packed up and the day was done; however, there are many more opportunities to enjoy this market and all it has to offer.

The Witches Market is a monthly event, with many familiar faces attending each event to sell their wares and share the fun! With the time of the market depending on location, Day Markets generally run from 10-4pm on Saturday, while Night Witches Markets are open from 4-9pm. A fun event to attend any time, you’ll love the experience of dressing in your best garb and hitting the market for the chance to win prizes, buy some goodies, and restock on the essentials!

You can find the market information here: https://www.facebook.com/witchesnightmarket

If you're looking for upcoming market locations that you can attend, look no further:


  • Saturday Jun 29th - Howard (Howard Country Markets) 
  • Saturday Jul 20th - Ipswich (Nicholas Street Precinct)
  • Saturday Aug 17th - Petrie (Petrie Schools of Art)
  • Saturday Sep 7th - Gold Coast (Mudgeeraba Showgrounds)
  • Saturday Oct 12th - Gladstone (Toondoon Botanic Gardens)
  • Saturday Oct 26th - Ipswich (Nicholas Street Precinct)
  • Saturday Nov 9th - Sunshine Coast (Rocky Creek Scout Camp)
  • Saturday Nov 30th - Petrie (Petrie Schools of Art)

Getting ready to attend is easy with some planning...

If you're looking for an outfit to wear to the next market that will suit the magical theme, check out the Otherworld Fashion witch collection! With a massive range of outfit choices and fantastic accessories, you'll be in the running to win best dressed every time you attend! 

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